Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What to Do When Your Flight has been Canceled Due to Weather

During one of my business stops at our office in Denver, Colorado, I found out that one of my flights headed to Tulsa Oklahoma was canceled due to bad weather. While trying to rebook my flight for the following day, I discovered that most major airlines are able to defray some unexpected expenses.

When bad weather causes a flight cancellation or a delay stretches overnight, yu may be able to get a "distressed-passenger rate" voucher from your airline. The voucher, good for a discounted rate at an approved local hotel, may be available through customer service agents to help you with overnight accommodations. The discounted room charge and incidental charges (such as meals, telephone calls, transportation, etc) are not covered by the airline and are at the traveler's expense.

Many travelers find trip insurance to be an affordable way to offset expenses associated with delayed or canceled flights. If you have purchased such coverage for a canceled flight, contact your insurance provider as soon as you realize that you are going to incur additional expenses.

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