Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Immigration and Customs Tip

Here’s a general tip for getting through US customs and immigration: 
Carry as few packages as possible.  If you have purchased items at the airport duty free shops,  take a moment to put your packages into your carry-on luggage before you get to immigration.  The fewer packages to juggle at customs, the better!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Narita Airport tips

Last Spring 2009, during a trip to Singapore, I made a plane connection in Narita Airport in Japan. In the American Airlines terminal, there is a small shop that has the best Japanese clothing.   I bought a number of kimonos there for my kids and they loved them.  
The airport is usually busiest during the morning.  I’ve found that during the morning it usually takes around 50 minutes to get through the security check, so plan for at least that time.  (On a really bad day, it took over one and half hours.)    During the evening, I’ve been able to go through security pretty quickly – usually under 30 minutes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Traveling with Joe!!

One of the great parts of my job as Director of Operations at NJ Micro Electronic Testing in Clifton, NJ is that I get to travel. I have traveled to over a dozen countries on three continents during the last few years, as well as visited many cities here in the United States. I find the difference in cultures very stimulating and want to share my enthusiasm for travel with you.

This blog will give you a feel for the different places and cultures that I’ve visited and maybe encourage you to join me in exploring the world. I will write about tips for traveling – ideas on packing for various places, the low-down on different airports around the world, etc – as well as information on the cities I’ve visited. Expect to see information on places to visit in different cities, best restaurants, outstanding hotels, etc. I’m going to include anything that I think will bring you the flavor of a country or city so that if you go, you’ll feel more comfortable there.

I hope you’ll come along on my travels and learn something that will make your own easier and more fun.