Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keeping in Contact While You're Away

New web technology has made it much easier to keep everyone back home up to date with your travels and any changes in your travel plans. In addition to an email message addressed to all your friends and family back home, you can keep in contact by:
  • Creating a blog -- you can create a blog (on blogspot, of course) and periodically enter updates on where you've been, what you're doing and anything else you like. 
  • Uploading pictures to the web -- you can use a blog to post pictures from your travels or create a shared photo album on picassa or an equivalent website
  • Update your status on Facebook and/or other social media sites. 
Not only will you keep everyone up to date, but, you may find that someone has a suggestion for you that will save time and/or money or just make your travels more fun.

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