Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping in Touch While You Travel

I often spend a lot of time answering business email while I am traveling.  I also have used email to let my family and friends know what I’ve been up to while out of town.  I found myself sending the same information out a number of times.  An option to reduce the number of e-mails you send is to set up a blog and then send out one email  to everyone letting them know how to follow your blog.   You should be sure to take a minute to preview your posts before publishing them to make sure that your blog post is appropriate for the audience.

Everyone wins with the blog – you can keep in touch with more people in less time during your trip and your family and friends will hear from you more often than if you sent out individual emails.  You can save the individual email messages for private info.

You could do the same thing (although in shorter bursts) by setting up a Twitter account, or constantly updating your status on Facebook.